IRCA - Indian Rodeo Cowboys Association
Tom Dixon
Debbie Dixon
Box 145,
Morley, AB,  T0L 1N0
Ph (403) 881-2464
toll free (866) 975-2464
fax (403) 881-2607  
IRCA website is

WSIRA - Western States Indian Rodeo Association
President - Cody Barney - 541-892-0132
Vice-President – Bob Joseph
Treasurer - Kim Just
Secretary - Cheryl Tom
Phone: 541-325-9087

UIRA - United Indian Rodeo Association
President: Mike Tatsey -406-450-0300
Vice President: Hoss Pepion  406-450-6646
Secretary: Tennielle Tatsey  406-399-7069

KMIRA - King Mountain Indian Rodeo Association
President- Mel Sampson
Vice President-Delbert Wheeler
Secretary- Rhoda Strom

NPIRA - Northern Plains Indian Rodeo Association
President: Randy Real Bird
VP: Wilford Bird In Ground
Paula Small-Plenty
P.O. Box 62
Garryowen, MT. 59031
Phone: (406) 665-7142

NNRA - Navajo Nation Rodeo Association
Harrison Tsosie, President
Larry Johnson, Vice President
CES Rodeo Secretary, Shirley Lee
928-871-2324 (
GPIRA - Great Plains Indian Rodeo Association
President-Jake Longbrake    
PO Box 92    
Dupree, SD   57623
(605) 365-5482
Vice President - Prairie Rose Chapin
Secretary - Laura Ward - 605-733-2134 (h) 605-222-3173 (c)
Treasurer - Amanda Reddy

AMAIRA - Arrington McSpadden All Indian Rodeo Association
President: Corbin Warren
Vice-President: : Bodie Roberts  
Secretary: Darla Quinton-Hall
Phone: 918-456-8507
Cell: 918-931-8784
Work: 918-577-3477
Phone: 918-453-7339

NANCA - Northern Alberta Native Cowboys Association
President-Orville Memnook - 780-646-3971  
Vice President - Dennis Ward - 780-585-2943
Secretary - Cynthia Bull - 403-783-4839

SWIRA - Southwest Indian Rodeo Association
President - Tara Seaton
Phone: 602.321.3870
Vice-President - Wahlean (Bobbie) Riggs
Email: or
Phone: 520.705.9232
Secretary/Treasurer - Benita Jay
Phone: 505-728-3654
Facebook: Southwest Indian Rodeo Association

EIRA - Eastern Indian Rodeo Association
President- Alfonso Tigertail
Vice President – McKenzie Bowers
Secretary- Charlotte Burgess
EIRA Rodeo Office
Phone: 1-863-983-7545
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November 4-8, 2014
INFR Moves Forward with Changes
After careful thought and consideration to all circumstances with the RMIRA the INFR
Commission has made a plan to realign the geographical regions to accommodate the
members of the INFR.

The RMIRA has been struggling as a region for the past few years and the region has had
no leadership or growth. The INFR believes that the realignment will help all members and
the INFR move forward.
The realignment will be as follows: RMIRA will be divided as such: the state of Wyoming will
become part of NPIRA. WSIRA will acquire Utah excluding the Navajo Reservation as well as
Idaho south of the 45th parallel. WSIRA will turn over California south of the 35th parallel to
SWIRA and the state of Washington to the newly formed region King Mountain Indian Rodeo
Association (KMIRA). Which will also include Idaho north of the 45th parallel.

The INFR believes that with this realignment put in place immediately all the INFR members
will benefit from it. All other regions remain the same. This map shows the updated US
region boundaries. As for Canada, it too remains the same. NANCA is everything north of
Red Deer, Alberta, Williams Lake, BC and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. IRCA is everything
south of Red Deer, Alberta, Williams Lake, BC and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.