October 18 - 22nd, 2022 | South Point Equestrian Center - Las Vegas, NV
Indian National Finals Rodeo

2022 Miss Indian Rodeo
Tigh Livermont

Miss Indian Rodeo 2022
Haŋ mitákuyapi,

Maȟpíya Iyúškiŋ Wíŋ emáčiyapi kštó na Tigh Livermont wašíčuiyápi kštó. Malákȟota kštó. Čhaŋté wašté napé čiyuzapi kštó. Waŋná waníyetu mawikčémna núŋpa aké yámni. Waŋblí Hoȟpí emátaŋhaŋ. Casper College él wabláwa. Iná wayé kiŋ Leanne Livermont na até wayé kiŋ Travis Janis. Iná na uŋčí wayé kiŋ Avril Livermont na até na kaká wayé kiŋ Jim Livermont. Uŋčí wayé kiŋ Gloria Wanáǧi na kaká wayé kiŋ Benjamin (Nick) Janis. Mihuŋká iná Marilyn Kȟaŋǧí Naŋtáŋ.

Hello my relatives,

My name is Tigh Livermont, and my Lakota name is Happy Cloud Woman. I am an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe. I shake your hand with a warm heart. I am 23 years old and I am from Wanblee, South Dakota, which is in the Eagle Nest District of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I currently attend Casper College. My birth mother and father are the late Leanne Livermont and Travis Janis. My maternal grandparents, who are also my adoptive parents, are Jim and Avril Livermont. My paternal grandparents are Gloria Ghost and the late Benjamin (Nick) Janis. My hunka mother is Marilyn Charging Crow.

I have been blessed to be able to grow up with rodeo and the western way of life. Growing up on a ranch, I have learned the value of hard work, kindness, and the importance of family. Aside from helping on my family’s ranch growing up, I also competed in high school rodeo in barrel racing and breakaway roping. I am working on my Associate’s in Ag Business and Sciences and plan to transfer to Oglala Lakota College to finish my degree in Business Administration. I currently work as a teller at Security First Bank. During my free time, I like to sew, cook, travel, and hang out with family and friends. I am also an Ordained Minister, so I occasionally officiate weddings on the weekends.

As your 2022 Miss Indian Rodeo queen, I am absolutely humbled by the opportunity to represent and give back to the sport and lifestyle that has given so much to me. I am so excited to represent Indian country and Indian rodeo, and I can’t wait to meet you all down the rodeo trail!


Tigh Livermont
2022 Miss Indian Rodeo

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