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Gracie Welsh

Gracie Welsh - INFR Hall of Fame Gracie Welsh with her daughter, Nicole Welsh Romo World Champion All Around Cowgirl

Born in Wickenburg, AZ, on July 31, 1958 Gracie Welsh had her first encounter with riding horses at the age of 6 years old. She was determined to have her own horse around 12. Her parents seen the love in her for horses and let her take possession of the family horse..

Gracie attended Parker High School and was involved with the FFA including being a cheerleader with many other extra curriculum activities, graduating in 1976.

Shortly after became involved with Native American Pageants winning titles such as Miss Indian Arizona and Miss Indian America in 1976 through 1977.

Moving off to college Gracie believed in furthering her education so she went ahead and got her bachelors degree in business administration from Arizona State University along with staying active in college rodeo.

Later on at the age of 28 married John Romo and had two kids Nicole and Ryan Romo. Then became a business owner in 1990; after obtaining the business Grace had more of an opportunity to get back to what she really loved to do, barrel racing. Being apart of the South West Indian Rodeo Association she had made it to the Indian National Finals Rodeo in 1992 & 1997. Was also involved in Women’s Professional Rodeo Association.

Gracie has always supported rodeo throughout her life up to her passing. All the while she always felt it was a privilege to accomplish what she loved to do.

Gracie Welsh - INFR Hall of Fame

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