Jareth Hale

2019 Breakaway World Champion

Jareth Hale, 2019 Breakaway World Champion Name: Jareth Hale

World Title(s)
: 2019 Breakaway World Champion

Age At The Time of Championship
: 19 years old

Marital Status
: In a relationship with Creighton

: My mother is Jolene Pete & her other half is Myles John. I have an older sister, Jannon & a younger brother, JaCauy.

: I live in northern Arizona in a small valley called, Beshbetoh located on the Navajo Reservation.

Native American Heritage
: Navajo

INFR Events Worked
: Breakaway Roping

: During the qualifying season I rode both of Myles’ horses Chief & Lady. At the finals I roped off Lady.

: I have three dogs: Sadie Lou, Bandit, & Remy.

Pet Peeve(s)
: Styrofoam rubbing against each other & halters left unfixed when tied to a trailer or fence.

Favorite Food
: Steak wrapped in a tortilla with green chili and mushrooms. Hot wings are a equal favorite too!

Favorite Sports Team
: I don’t have a die hard sports team, I usually just pick one team when a game is on.

Favorite Sport Other Than Rodeo
: I like playing & watching basketball & volleyball.

Favorite Movie(s)
: Secretariat, 13 Reasons Why, Friends, all Rocky movies.

Favorite Music
: My songs genres are all over the place. I could say I listen to about anything rap, hip-hop, country & traditional.

Most Influential Person(s)
: There aren’t enough things I could say about my mom to show you the amazing person she is inside & out. She’s done so much for me & my siblings. Creight has been by my side through the good & bad, always pushing me & helping me become better at anything I try to do.

Favorite Athlete
: Derrick Begay. I look up to him a lot inside & out of the arena.

Something People Don’t Know About You: I was named the PBR Mutton Busting World Champion in 2007. I was awarded a shiny buckle with my name on it, a BB gun engraved with my name on it as well, & received high fives from some of the coolest PBR riders. Was a fun experience!

Hobbies: I could say I’m a creative person, I get it from my momma. I am learning the works of graphic designing, for making event flyers & such. I also love making cute projects with my sewing machine.

Favorite Rodeo: I enjoy the rodeo my family hosts every year in our hometown in Beshbetoh. We pay 100% of the money back to the cowboys & cowgirls in each event.
We also try to make the ground as best as possible. Super fun event my family puts work into. The Navajo Nation Fair is always one to look forward to as well!

How Important Is It To You To Have Won an INFR Championship? Roping is always an event I have wanted to do growing up. I have always admired how handy ladies were be with a rope. In my case I knew I wasn’t the best at roping, but it was something I knew I could get better at. So at the beginning of the year I set a goal to begin my journey in learning how to rope & stay focused on that only. I’m nowhere near the lines of being a master at roping, but it’s an amazing feeling to know I’m a step closer each day. To win the world in the same year I decided to give it a try was a dream come true. I had a lot of help & I’m very grateful for it. I’m convinced it goes to show if you work hard, try, don’t give up, & always be willing to learn you can get the job done. Especially if you have a great group of people behind you it isn’t impossible. I hope it pushes other people to try new things.

What Is Your Most Memorable Ride/Run At The INFR? I feel like my last run during the short round is one I won’t forget. That was my first ever short round in the open events at the INFR, I definitely soaked it all in cause it did take a lot of work to get to that point. I remember backing into the box, nodding, & going for it, like the announcer had said. After my roped popped off the saddle horn I felt so happy. Happy that I accomplish my biggest goal I had going into the finals which was roping all of my calves. That was my main goal, to be consistent. In that moment I was completely satisfied I checked off that portion of my goals for that week. I hoped for the best afterwards & a few minutes later we got the exciting news.

Who Has Been Your Biggest Influence In Indian Rodeo? When I think of the biggest influencer in my rodeo career only one name comes to mind, Yolanda Nez. I feel like most of what I know when it comes to horses comes from her. She was my sister & I’s horse trainer coming up. She is a great mentor & I admire how much patience she had with me & my sister when we were younger. She is an amazing horsewoman & has a lot of knowledge in our sport. I still go to her if I need help with my horses. I look up to her a lot. I could talk horses with her for hours, if not days.

What Are The Benefits Of INFR Rodeos For You? I feel like Indian rodeos let’s you travel, see new places, meet new people, and without a doubt shows you new level of competition in different parts of the states. It’s a push start for you to gain confidence to compete in the professional level.

Rodeo Accomplishments: My breakaway accomplishments are:

Thanks You’s: My Creator first and for most. Thank you to my family & friends for their unconditional support. Big thanks to Myles & his horses: Chief & Lady. My sponsors: RCOwens Construction, Angels VS Drunk Drivers, T&R Hay and Feed, CKP Insurance

Jareth Hale, 2019 INFR Breakaway World Champion Jareth Hale, 2019 INFR Breakaway World Champion Jareth Hale, 2019 INFR Breakaway World Champion