Indian National Finals Rodeo
Indian National Finals Rodeo
Champion Biography

Sheila Sells

2013 Ladies Breakaway Champion

Age at time of Championship: 27
From: Rough Rock, AZ
Resides: Kayenta, AZ
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Education: AA Degree (Accounting / Social and Behavorial Science) currently working on BA at Northern Arizona University.
Events Worked: Breakaway, Barrels, and Team Roping
INFR Qualifications: 2013
World Titles Won: 1 (2013)
Best Memory of the 2013 INFR: Feeling so nervous during the short round, because there were 3 of us who had a chance at the Title and the round was so tough to even place in. But glad I had my partner Breeze (Horse) to help me succeed my number 1 dream/goal. Also, having my family there to see me perform from the very beginning to the end.
Personal Information: Lucy and Phillip Sells (parents), McKenzie Denny (daughter) 4 Brothers (Myron, Dexter, Derrick, Kris), 2 Sister (Rachelle, Tishy) 6 nephews and 4 nieces.
Horse(s): Breeze, Jett, Cha-Cha, Dusty, Snowball
Pet(s):  Dogs (Tank, Skipper, Killer, Ted)
Nickname(s): Tayla
Pet peeve(s):
Favorite Food: Seafood (Red Lobster)
Favorite Sports Team: Steelers (even though they suck)
Favorite Sport Other Than Rodeo: Softball
Favorite Movie(s): Any Which Way But Loose, and many more.
Favorite Music: Listen to anything.
Most Influential Person(s): My Dad and Debbie Robbins
Favorite Athlete: Lolo Jones
Crazy Rodeo Story(s): Have so many and don’t want to get anyone in trouble, plus myself. Hahaha
Something People Don't Know About You: I’m not the only child.
Hobbies: Playing Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball with my family.
Favorite Rodeo: Gallup Ceremonial Rodeo
Lucky Rodeo: 2013 Kayenta 4th of July Ladies Night Out
Acheivements: Competed with WJRA, IJRA, CNRA, AIRCA, SWIRA, INFR Tour Rodeos, USTRC, WSTR, and NIRA. Won many awards, buckles, and saddles.
Special Thanks - My parents, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am now. To my brothers and sister, thanks for the love and support, especially my brother Derrick for watching my daughter and helping me drive to Montana, my sister Tishy for the vacation in Las Vegas. Also, to my cousins and close friends for the help and encouragement to make my dream come true.