Indian National Finals Rodeo
Indian National Finals Rodeo
Champion Biography

Shelly Small-Vocu

2009 Ladies Barrel Racing Champion

Shelly Small-Vocu

Age at time of Championship:  31

Marital Status: Married 

Family:  Bo Vocu, husband; Bo Tyler Vocu, 8, son; Logan Thomas Vocu, 5, son.  Clinton and Jackie Small, mom and dad.  I have 5 sisters and 1 brother and many nieces and nephews

Home Town:  Pawnee Creek, Montana 

Native American Heritage: Northern Cheyenne and Assiniboine Sioux

INFR Events Worked:  Ladies Barrel Racing, Ladies Breakaway Roping

Horse name? Sandy owned by DeeAnn St Andrew

How important is it to you to have won an INFR Championship?  It feels like it took me longer to accomplish it than I would have liked, but I am glad I got’er done!

What is your most memorable ride at the 2009 INFR?  Every run was memorable, every buckle, every moment; but the best was when I realized my dad now has three daughters that are INFR champions.  That shows that he was not only a great champion in the arena but was able to teach us the discipline, work ethic and mental focus it takes to be a champion.

Who has been your biggest influence in Indian Rodeo?  Wow, that is a long list; my dad, my husband and of course my sisters.  Also Butch Enos and Gracie Welsh; but there are so many people along the way that have made big impressions on me because I believe that you can learn a little from everyone.

What are the benefits of INFR rodeos for you?  They allow me to do what I love so much: compete and work with horses.

Rodeo Accomplishments
2009 INFR World Champion Barrel Racer
2008 NPIRA LBA year end and finals champion
2007 SWIRA LBA year end champion
2006 NPIRA LBA year end champion

Thank you’sA big thank you to DeeAnn and Nate St Andrew for going out of their way to travel to the INFR with Sandy.  My husband for all his support, my mom and dad, my boys for thinking I ‘always win’, my family and friends for making this so damn fun.  I would also like to thank the INFR sponsors, the INFR commissioners and the office staff (all of you) for working so hard to provide us with an INFR to compete at every year and for striving to make it better every year.  I see all the hard work and I understand all the sacrifices you all make.  It is very much appreciated.