Indian National Finals Rodeo
Indian National Finals Rodeo
Champion Biography

Yolanda T. Nez

2010 Ladies Breakaway Champion

Age at time of Championship:  26

Marital Status:  Single

Hometown: Upper Fruitland, NM     

Native American Heritage:  Navajo

Occupation: Cowgirl

Education: B.S. in Animal Science

Hobbies: Reading motivational sayings, Watching movies, Eating different sorts of foods

INFR Qualifications: 3X (2006, 2008, 2010)

INFR Events Worked: Breakaway Roping and Barrel Racing

How important is it to you to have won another INFR Championship? 
This is my first INFR Championship and I’m proud. This has been a goal of mine growing up and I am thankful for this title.

What is your most memorable run at the 2010 INFR? 
The last round was my most memorable run. I knew it was still anybodies game and I had to take the advantage. All I knew was that I was going to catch. I played the process of roping through my head over and over. Once I nodded, everything slowed down. I knew I caught and was happy. Nonetheless, I know we are all tough ropers and I had to wait to see how it would end up overall.

Who has been your biggest influence in Indian Rodeo? 
My older brother was taken by a brain aneurism in 1992 and he is the one who got me interested in rodeo. I proved to my family that I wanted to continue with rodeo and they have supported me ever since. I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends around the rodeo arena and all have pushed me to be better.

What are the benefits of INFR rodeos for you? 
The INFR Tour rodeos have allowed me to travel across the country into Canada to compete and have been a source of income. 

Rodeo Accomplishments:
Kayenta 4th of July: 1X All-Around, 1XBarrel Racing, and 1X Breakaway Champion
Navajo Nation Fair: 1X Final Four Barrel Racing, 1X Final Four Breakaway Roping, 2X   Ladies Team Roping Champion Heeler
Ft. McDowell Orme Dam Days: 2X All-Around Cowgirl, 1XBarrel Racing, and    1XBreakawayChampion        
Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial: 1X Barrel Racing Champion

Thank You to:
All our INFR Sponsors
My Breakaway Horse
All my Family
All my Friends
All the Fans of Rodeo