Garrett Ranch

Garrett Ranch


Russell is the President, of Garrett Holding, LLC and PP Real-Estate Company. And Mary is the owner and operator of her cattle Ranch in Montana and also has a small jewelry business that she markets.

We are both very passionate individuals, and have empathy for our children, Elderly, Education, and Sports especially Rodeo. We enjoy being the type of people that have it and share it, to a certain degree. We both came from very humble beginnings.

We support The UofA Sports Program, Boy&Girls Clubs, Beacon Group, Toys for Tots, Cowboys and kids Reach Program, College Collegian Rodeo in Tucson, Arizona. Various Health Programs, Pet Programs, Indian National Finals. De La Selle Catholic School, in Browning, Montana. This year we provided A Basketball Camp for the Blackfeet High School Boys.Montana Endowment Fund for Native American Artists, and much, more, the list is very Long to mention all the donating that we do all is close to our hearts.

We both enjoy Rodeo and belong to the National Senior Pro Rodeo, Canadian Senior Pro. We received our "Hall of Fame Awards in 2014" and the year Mary retired from Rodeo.

Our life together has been a fairy tale story, we met, fell in love, Married, Russell inherited three,of Mary’s grown children 1 Son and 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. And we now live with our two dogs, Bella Mia, and Amber Jo, three horses.

We live a very full life our hobbies consist of riding horses, going to rodeos, boating and fishing; and of course we love our Arizona Teams and support them. Traveling and see the world is also very Much a passion with us, we like to see what the rest of the world Lives like and we have met wonderful people along the way. Our Main love is here in Arizona and Montana where we can do the most for our people.