October 22-26, 2024
Indian National Finals Rodeo

2024 Miss Indian Rodeo
Riana Lopez

S-ke:g taṣ, 'a:ñi 'añ hab ce:gig Riana Lopez. A:ñi 'an wuḍ go:kko-go:k 'ahidag kc Kom Wahia ki:him 'amjeḍ, mo 'am S-cu:k Du’ag Ce:kṣan c-eḍ ‘am Tohono O'odhamJewed eda. Ñ-je'e 'o wuḍ Sharon Francisco kc g ñ-o:g wuḍ Don Lopez. Si s-apĕ ñ-ta:tk m-añ wuḍ 'em 2024 Miss Indian Rodeo Queen.
Good day, My name is Riana Lopez I am 22 years old. I come from the Comobabi village in the Schuk Toak district located on the Tohono Oodham Nation. My parents are Sharon Francisco and Don Lopez it’s because of them I have had the privilege to be involved in the sport of rodeo for 13 years and continuing. The main events I participate in are ladies barrel racing and most recently took an interest in doing Woman’s steer riding. I also attend a community college as well as working by providing care to patients with kidney failure. This given opportunity has opened my eyes into further pursuing my education and experience within the medical field. Outside of the western lifestyle I enjoy traveling, drawing and hiking. I took on this challenge of competing for the Miss Indian Rodeo title because I was not only inspired by my sister Oriana Lopez Miss Indian Rodeo 2020-2021 but another reason to challenge my individual capabilities and the passion I have for indian rodeo. Throughout my rein I look forward to the wonderful opportunities to come along with meeting you all throughout the many miles to be traveled.

Thank you!
Riana Lopez
2024 Miss Indian Rodeo, Riana Lopez

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