October 22-26, 2024
Indian National Finals Rodeo

Entry Guidelines

Midwest Rodeo Entries All entries will be taken through Midwest Rodeo Entries.
PHONE NUMBER – 605-374-7754


Additional memberships will not be accepted after telephone entries have begun for any tour rodeo.

Please get familiar with the entry process for tour rodeos.  We need to let you know that the confirmation number (check-back
verification number) is the most important thing you can have once you have entered the rodeo.  A fine will be assessed to any
unnecessary rudeness with Midwest Entries during call-ins, call-backs, late entries or trades.

Entry Procedure
All entries for a contestant should be made on one call. Multiple calls may result in added fees to the contestant.
The following information will be required of each entry and should be prepared before a contestant calls to enter:

Check-back verification numbers will be given with each entry. It is the responsibility of the person entering to retain this number to verify entries during check-backs. Contestants entering team events must complete the entry process for each individual on the team (I.e. header and healer must each have an entry) and must already have a partner at the time of entry.

Messages left on voicemail do not constitute a valid entry and will not be accepted. An entry will be considered valid only when a verification number is given to the entrant. If a contestant does not have a verification number, they are not entered.

All entries for a contestant should be made on one call. Multiple calls may result in added fees to the contestant.

Check-Backs (Call-backs)
Check-Backs will be available on the internet as soon as all entries have closed and performances are filled.

Telephone check-backs will be open on Wednesdays from 1pm-4pm Mountain Time.

It will be the contestants’ responsibility to verify their entries via check-backs either online or by phone. Contestants that do not check back will be responsible to compete as placed or pay applicable turn out fees and fines.

After Books Close
Unofficial performance numbers will be available to committees and contractors via the website after performances are filled. Official numbers will be available after check-backs close on Wednesday afternoon.

Alphabetical lists of competitors, rodeo programs, judge’s sheets, and release forms will be prepared and emailed to rodeo secretaries and the association secretary after check-backs close.

Drawing for timed event order will be done by random computer generation. Each contestant will be assigned a random number for each event, at the time of entry. This number will then be used to sort events for draw order.

If contestants need to be moved to fill performances evenly, preferences will be manually sorted initially for those contestants with the needed second preferences and then randomly chosen.

If events remain too large in a given performance after moving all available contestants with applicable second preferences, the committee will be given the option of drawing contestants

Late Entries
Late entries will be taken on the Tuesday immediately following the close of entries from 1pm-5pm Mountain Time.

Late entries will be granted at the discretion of Midwest Rodeo Entries in accordance with committee requirements.

A $25 fee will be charged per individual, per rodeo.

An entry will be considered late if entered or added to after the posted entry hours and each contestant will be drawn up first in each event entered or last out in rough stock events and Barrel Racing.

Contestants can trade their given performance draw with another contestant entered in the same events.

Trades will be taken during the published hours of check-backs only.

The contestant initiating the trade (first caller) will be assessed a $10 fee to be added to their entry fees

Both contestants involved in the trade must contact the entry office with their approval before the trade will take effect

Contestant contact information will only be given out if a contestant has agreed to have their information shared on their membership application

General Guidelines
If a contestant receives his or her first preference when entering a rodeo and subsequently draws out during check-backs, they will be fined $25

When a difference exists between entries as noted by Midwest Rodeo Entries and contestant’s opinion, this difference shall be ruled on by the judges/contractor after the contestant files the form with the rodeo secretary, no discrepancy form can be filed without a call back number.  

Once form is filed the secretary at first opportunity will contact Midwest and check on it. If there is a discrepancy, or if the contestant did not verify their entry via check-backs, they will not receive their money or points and may be fined at the discretion of the board of directors.

No shows and turnouts will be responsible to pay the entry line fee along with any other fees assessed by the association.

The person making the phone call or internet entry is responsible for all of the contestants they enter showing up and paying their fees. If someone does not pay their fees, the person entering them is responsible as if the fees were their own.

Additional memberships will not be accepted after telephone entries have begun.

Committee performance limits, slack requirements, fees, and JR/SR event times will be provided to Midwest Rodeo Entries before entries open for a given rodeo so that they can be clearly communicated to contestants during entries

Contestants who choose ‘draw out’ will have their draw number in each event cut in half as a deterrent to those contestants trying to take advantage of the system and dictate when they are placed.

A weighted priority system will be used in conjunction with the random draw to decrease the likelihood that a specific contestant is routinely moved to their second preference.

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