Indian National Finals Rodeo

Indian National Finals Rodeo

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Mel Sampson

Mel Sampson

Mel Sampson, a member of the Yakama Tribe is married and has 5 daughters and 1 son. He enjoys hunting, fishing, horses, sports, crafts, and rodeo. He is currently a policy advisor/project coordinator with the Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project. He served as a chairman for the Yakama Tribal Council from 1985-1989. Mel has been a lifetime member of the National Congress of American Indians. A member and president of the Yakama Indian Association, a member, founder, past president of the Western States Indian Rodeo Association, and a Member, founder, past president of the Indian National Finals Rodeo. Mel has received recognitions for being a founder of the Indian National Finals Rodeo from the American Revolution Bicentennial, and Special Recognition of appreciation as a founder of western states Indian rodeo association on their tenth anniversary and was national Indian rodeo man of the year in 1978.

Mel Sampson

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